Spot the Crikit: Aurora Energy

Aurora Install 1 1

It's been a busy few weeks with a number of trials and projects commencing throughout NZ, including a trial with Aurora Energy, who are investigating  the Ento Crikit as a solution to monitor the alignment of its power poles and other assets. Sean Lewis, Ento's Technical Director spent three days in Dunedin recently, working alongside Aurora Energy's contractor Delta to deploy 11 Crikits in various locations across the city.


Conducted in partnership with Spark New Zealand, Aurora Energy look to understand how the data provided using the Crikit may assist their organisation in understanding how its assets age, influencing data-driven asset management decisions. Utilising Spark's LoRaWAN network, the Crikit units communicate sensor values (orientation, tilt, lean and vibration) at regular set intervals and on change events such as extreme weather or vehicle impact. 

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