IoT Farming Solutions

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As reported by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), global food production needs to increase by 70% to feed the additional 2.3 billion people that will inhabit the Earth by 2050. Therefore, Smart IoT Farming solutions are imperative for the global food production levels to meet this target.


Here in New Zealand, agriculture is a pivotal sector in the growing economy - which indicates the need for smart IoT sensor systems in agriculture. It is crucial for farmers around New Zealand to have the ability to monitor soil moisture, water level, light & humidity levels in a seamless and precise way. ENTO’s IoT devices, coupled with our external sensors can achieve all of this.


The accuracy in the readings from ENTO’s IoT devices when applied into agricultural monitoring are not only crucial, but very popular with farmers because of the myriad of benefits. ENTO are currently trialling our devices with a couple NZ agriculture companies.

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