Spot the Crikit: Aurora Energy

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It's been a busy few weeks with a number of trials and projects commencing throughout NZ, including a trial with Aurora Energy, who are investigating  the Ento Crikit as a solution to monitor the alignment of its power poles and other assets. Sean Lewis, Ento's Technical Director spent three days in Dunedin recently, working alongside Aurora Energy's contractor Delta to deploy 11 Crikits in various locations across the city.


Conducted in partnership with Spark New Zealand, Aurora Energy look to understand how the data provided using the Crikit may assist their organisation in understanding how its assets age, influencing data-driven asset management decisions. Utilising Spark's LoRaWAN network, the Crikit units communicate sensor values (orientation, tilt, lean and vibration) at regular set intervals and on change events such as extreme weather or vehicle impact. 


Arable Farming IoT Pilot

FAR Soil Moisture Sensor Installation 1

Ento has partnered with Spark to deploy the Crikit as part of the Arable Farming IoT Pilot at Lincoln University. The pilot is an initiative by the New Zealand IoT Alliance and brings together a consortium of technology providers to design and demonstrate solutions for farmers. 


In late December Brett broke out his gumboots to install two Ento Crikit devices at the farm - the first to monitor entry activity via an access gate, and the second to communicate soil moisture levels as logged by an externally connected Soil Moisture Probe. 

Using the Crikit Soil Moisture solution, farmers are provided valuable insight into soil status and are able to manage irrigation for optimal crop production. 


Ento looks forward to the insights gained and discussions generated during the pilot.



Ento Animation

Check out our exciting new short animation that shows our customers and clients how amazing our devices are and what scenario's they can be used in.


Ento is now a Sigfox Partner

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Ento is proud to have joined the Sigfox Partner Program and is looking forward to working collaboratively to deliver exceptional value solutions to customers.




Crikit Shipment

Shipment Photo6

 There goes another shipment of Crikits to one of our awesome clients.


Ento at Fieldays NZ



Ento is partnering up with FF Instrumentation for Fieldays 2018 taking place 13-16th June in Hamilton. Visit Stand PB18 to see our Crikit device paired with research grade probes to measures soil moisture, volumetric water content (VMC) and temperature.


SmartCities Expo


Amongst many other great companies exhibiting their innovation development and projects, we were recently invited, in partnership with Spark to showcase our IoT devices at the SmartCities Expo in Christchurch.

The day was a success, and we were able educate to educate visitors at the expo of the benefits that IoT can bring to their business.


Exciting IoT Development!

New Development Image5

The components for a new and exciting project. A satellite internet device, a LoRa gateway and a couple of thousand Crikits all chirping in harmony! With this set up we can monitor thousands of assets in very remote locations.


IoT Farming Solutions

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As reported by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), global food production needs to increase by 70% to feed the additional 2.3 billion people that will inhabit the Earth by 2050. Therefore, Smart IoT Farming solutions are imperative for the global food production levels to meet this target.


Here in New Zealand, agriculture is a pivotal sector in the growing economy - which indicates the need for smart IoT sensor systems in agriculture. It is crucial for farmers around New Zealand to have the ability to monitor soil moisture, water level, light & humidity levels in a seamless and precise way. ENTO’s IoT devices, coupled with our external sensors can achieve all of this.


The accuracy in the readings from ENTO’s IoT devices when applied into agricultural monitoring are not only crucial, but very popular with farmers because of the myriad of benefits. ENTO are currently trialling our devices with a couple NZ agriculture companies.

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