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ENTO. A network of smart sensors deployed to capture in real-time the status of assets, to monitor the environment and ensure personal health & safety.
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Our Company

ENTO was founded in 2017 in response to a demand for a low-cost, low-maintenance product, using cutting-edge technology on the Sigfox and LoRaWAN networks. We have developed two IoT devices, which we have named the Crikit and the Ladybird.

Using the IoT network, our devices allow us, and our clients the ability to monitor and maintain the status of assets. This can include anything from the GPS location of an asset, to the status of gates and doors, and whether they are opened or closed. Our Crikit IoT devices also allow for an external sensor to be plugged in to monitor environmental factors such as temperature and soil moisture levels.

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Crikit gate monitoring
Crikit gate installation

Crikit. Gate & Door Sensor

ENTO’s Gate & Door sensor is discretely installed to allow you to see the status of gates and doors. The dashboard lets you see current status, while custom alerts can be configured by the user to be notified by SMS or email if a gate is opened or closed within particular timeframes.

Our Crikit IoT device heartbeats every 24 hours confirming network connectivity and battery status. The high-grade external aerial allows the unit to be installed indoors, and waterproof robust casing allows the device to be installed on outdoor gates.

Crikit environmental monitoring
Crikit environmental installation

Crikit. Environmental Sensor

ENTO’s Crikit has an external, environmental sensor that measures temperature, humidity and air pressure. The sensor can be installed inside sealed locations (eg containers and silos) whereas the communications unit can be installed in a location to maximise network connectivity.

Crikit location monitoring
Crikit asset monitoring
Crikit asset installation

Crikit. Asset Monitoring

ENTO’s Asset Monitoring sensor tracks physical orientation of assets including tilt and lean and compass direction. Using the IoT network, the Crikit also contains a location tracker, which uses a low-power GPS chip and active antenna providing accurate asset tracking capability without needing an external power source.

Using the on-board vibration sensor, the Crikit can be configured to monitor and alert impact, movement, or vibration of the asset. Dashboard, SMS and email alerts can be configured based on change of asset orientation. The custom dashboard provides last-known-location along with other asset status data captured by the Crikit.

Crikit soil monitoring
Crikit soil probe

Crikit. Soil Moisture Probe

The Metergroup 10HS external soil moisture probe partnered with ENTO’s Crikit captures and reports current and historic soil moisture levels. LoRa and Sigfox network characteristics allow both units to be fully buried underground but still allow excellent network connectivity.

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The NZTA look after the national transport system, and assets they look after, such as traffic lights need to be facing the correct way, and not be on any sort of lean or tilt. ENTO’s IoT device, the Crikit provides a solution to this, as it can monitor in real-time, the bearing, lean and tilt of each traffic light. Which makes life easier for NZTA.

IoT traffic light monitoring
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SprayMarks own over 100 mobile traffic management assets that are out on NZ roads. We are currently trialling ENTO’s IoT device, the Crikit, with SprayMarks to help them monitor their traffic management assets. This is so they become aware of where their assets are, and whether they have been knocked over, or are out of alignment.

IoT traffic management
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Citycare Auckland have a large number of gates that have to be open at certain times, and closed at certain times. We currently are trialling ENTO’s IoT device, the Crikit, with Citycare to provide a seamless, time-saving, and cost-effective way to monitor whether their gates are open or closed.

IoT gate monitoring
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Thousands of passengers pass through Christchurch and Wellington airports every day. It is essential for them to be aware that their gated area surrounding the airfield to be fully secure. We are trialling ENTO’s IoT device, the Crikit, with both airports to monitor the status of the gates around the perimeter of the airfield.

IoT gate sensor


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